Embedding Theory into Learning Technology Practice with Toolkits

Grainne C. Conole, Martin Oliver


Abstract: Expert and theoretical knowledge about the use of learning technology is not always available to practitioners. This paper illustrates one way in which practitioners can be supported in the process of engaging with theory in order to underpin practical applications in the use of learning technologies. This approach involves the design of decision-making resources, defined here as 'toolkits'. This concept is then illustrated with three practical examples. The ways in which this approach embeds specific theoretical assumptions is discussed, and a model for toolkit specification, design and evaluation is described.

Editors: Simon Buckingham Shum (Open U.)

Reviewers: Martyn Cooper (Open U.), Simon Buckingham Shum (Open U.)

Interactive demonstrations: This article includes links to the Media Adviser Toolkit and the Evaluation Toolkit.

Interactive demonstrations: This article describes the Media Adviser toolkit, which is available to download from http://www.unl.ac.uk/ltri/demos/demos.htm, and the Evaluation Toolkit [www.ltss.bris.ac.uk/jcalt/]

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Published on 25 July 2002.

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