The Educational Semantic Web: Visioning and Practicing the Future of Education

Terry Anderson, Denise M. Whitelock


Abstract: I (Terry) first became interested in the semantic web from reading Berners-Lee's original works
and following first generation developments of semantic web technologies in information science, e-business and health fields.
I then began including the ideas in talks I gave at various conferences and forums in 2003.
Naturally, I became curious about what other educators were doing with the semantic web and so Googled the term,
"education semantic web". Much to my surprise and disappointment, I found that most of the references
were to my own admittedly introductory and visionary comments made in these speeches.
Where was the real work, innovation and actual prototype development?
Fortunately, we were able to locate this type of work and we believe that most of the leading researchers in the area
of the educational semantic web have contributed to this special issue.
Of course, if we have missed your work, we welcome comments and URLs in the discussion areas of the special issue.

Editors: Terry Anderson and Denise Whitelock.

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Published on 21 May 2004.

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