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Book review: Learning in the Cloud: How (and why) to transform schools with digital media (review by Diana Pérez Marín)

Mark Warschauer


This comprehensive and cutting-edge book portrays a vision of how digital media can help transform schools, and what kinds of curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, infrastructure, and learning environments are necessary for that transformation to take place.  The author and his research team spent thousands of hours observing classes and interviewing teachers and students in both successful and unsuccessful technology-rich schools throughout the United States and other countries.  Featuring lessons learned as well as analysis of the most up-to-date reserach, they offer a welcome response to simplistic approaches that either deny the potential of technology or exaggerate its ability to reform education simply by its presence in schools.

Mark Warschauer is a professor of Education and Informatics at the University of California, Irvine.

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